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Public Member Functions

def getBlockedPorts
 Gets list of blocked ports.
def getOpenedPorts
 Gets list of opened ports.

Static Public Attributes

tuple getOpenedPorts = staticmethod(getOpenedPorts)
 make method getOpenedPorts static
tuple getBlockedPorts = staticmethod(getBlockedPorts)

Detailed Description


Netstat based port scanner It retrieves information about currently opened ports on local machine

Member Function Documentation

Gets list of blocked ports.

Retrieves list of tcp ports, which are in state CLOSE_WAIT. CLOSE_WAIT Indicates passive close. Server just received first FIN from a client.

Gets list of opened ports.

Retrieves list of opened udp ports and opened listening tcp ports. Method works on machines running Microsoft Windows. We use module ctypes.windll.iphlpapi to get the information about ports from Windows. Items in retrieved list have following format: PORT_NUMBER/PROTOCOL_FAMILY, where PROTOCOL_FAMILY represents tcp/udp.

Member Data Documentation

make method getOpenedPorts static

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