Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
actionviewThis file contains action view dialog logic
dumpreaderThis file contains classes for querying info from dumps created by Peach
globalsThis file contains a class with global definitions
hotfuzzGUIApplication Start wrapper
hotfuzzpluginPlugins which allow to use modified HotFuzz widgets (hotfuzzwidget) in QT Designer
hotfuzzwidgetContains HotFuzz widget classes
introThis file contains the intro dialog logic
mutatorsThis file contains a wrapper class for mutator checkboxes
preferencesThis file contains the application preferences dialog logic
projectThis file contains the definition of the project class, which represents the currently opened project of the Main Window class (window::Window)
projectinfoThis file contains the project info dialog logic
projectnewThis file contains the new project dialog logic
projectrecentThe file contains the recent project dialog logic
settingsThis file contains class responsible for storing/loading and clearing the application settings
sharedThis file contains non-class functions used by the application
testportThis file contains a definition of the thread class which is designed to check whether it's possible to connect to the selected port on the selected host
udpcommunicatorThe file contains definitions of the thread classes which are designed to communicate with Peach using a simple communicator protocol
undoactionsThe file contains classes responsible for undo/redo actions
windowThis file contains the Main Window logic, the Main Window of the application is opened at the startup and closed when the application quits
xmlmanipulatorsThis file contains classes responsible for an XML manipulation (storing and loading)

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